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Cattle from VBP+ Certified operations sale listing

Sale Listing


This service is populated by the owner(s) of the cattle. Verified Beef Production Plus, managed by the Beef Cattle Research Council, a division of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (“VBP+”) will take commercially reasonable steps to allow only VBP+ certified operation(s) to post on it but does not in any way guarantee, represent, warrant, endorse or verify that: (i) the cattle noted on this page come from a VBP+ certified operation, (ii) that they have only come from VBP+ certified operation(s) in their lifetime, (iii) that the operation(s) noted on this page are in fact VBP+ certified operation(s), (iv) that upon final sale they will qualify for any benefits available to cattle from VBP+ certified operation(s) as may be available from time to time, or (v) the information on this page is in any other manner accurate and complete. By providing this service VBP+ is not dealing in livestock. The service is provided for information only with any sale to be conducted without VBP+ involvement. VBP+ receives no monetary benefit by providing the service. If any of the cattle on this page were not raised on a VBP+ certified operation this service is being used improperly and beyond the scope permitted by VBP+. If you know this to be the case please disregard the entry, do not tell or represent to any other person that the entry is valid, and notify VBP+ immediately at

Certified VBP+ beef cattle operations can download and print a hard copy of the VBP+ Cattle Sales Declaration form they fill out and pass along to cattle sales agents when selling their cattle by auction. Download the form here: