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Producer portal

Producer Portal

The VBP+ Producer Portal is an online tool that allows certified producers to submit their annual renewals digitally. Below are a suite of resources to assist producers through the process, including accessing the portal, how to complete the assessment and how to submit your record samples.

About Records Assessments and Self-Declarations

The VBP+ certification program is centered around annual assessments that span a five year cycle. The assessment for the first year (Year 1) is the on-farm audit where an auditor is assigned to assess your operation at your operation through interview, records review and a walk through. Upon the completion of the assessment, the producer receives a written report, certificate and any Corrective Action Requests (CAR’s) assigned by the auditor.  

The assessments for the next four years are a combination of Records Assessments, also known as Partial Desk Audits, and Self-Declarations. The assessments, generally, follow the same pattern, 

Year 2 – Records Assessment 
Year 3 – Self-Declaration 
Year 4 – Records Assessment 
Year 5 – Self-Declaration 

To complete a Records Assessment, the operation will submit a sampling of the records that were reviewed at their initial audit. This gives the program the confidence that the practices assessed at the audit are still in place.

To complete a Self-Declaration assessment, the process is very similar to a Records Assessment year with the same process of notification. The difference is that the operation does not need to submit a sampling of records, they simply assess themselves on the questions presented. A qualified reviewer will review the assessment and send the operation their renewed certificate.  

A renewals coordinator will reach out to the operation 60 days prior to the anniversary date of their initial audit, usually by email. The email will explain which records are to be submitted and how to submit them as well as contact information for our renewals coordinators who are available to assist with the process. The operation will get a reminder again at 30 days prior to the assessment due date, on the anniversary date, and 30 and 60 days after.

During the assessment, the operation has the opportunity to assess themselves on a subsection of the same questions that were asked during the initial audit and demonstrate any changes they have made to their practices or processes. A qualified reviewer or auditor will review the assessment and, if applicable, assign any Corrective Action Requests (CAR’s) to address any gaps. The operation is sent a summary report (for a records assessment only) and their renewed certificate, after any CAR’s are resolved.  

Our renewals coordinators are available by email or by phone to assist our certified producers through the process.

Renewals Coordinator – Records Assessments 

Catalina Oitzl


Renewals Coordinator – Self-Declarations 

Michelle Ward



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