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It pays to be sustainable: FCC announces Sustainability Incentive Program

It pays to be sustainable: FCC announces Sustainability Incentive Program

Farm Credit Canada (FCC) is working with innovative producers to grow a more sustainable industry. FCC recognizes that sustainability is important to the future of agriculture, and wants to encourage an increase in the number of certified producers. To do so, FCC has opened their Sustainability Incentive Program to eligible customers who are certified through the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB).


FCC will provide a payment to FCC customers who are CRSB certified through one of the CRSB’s certification bodies, including VBP+. So, VBP+ certified producers can take advantage of this opportunity.

The payment from FCC will be calculated as a portion of their lending with FCC, with a maximum of $2,000 paid per year. Eligible producers can reapply for the incentive payment annually.

Already Certified?

Customers who are already CRSB certified can apply for the program here.

Want to Participate but Aren’t Certified Yet?

The first step to getting certified is being trained. Contact the provincial VBP+ coordinator for your province using the info found here to learn about in-person and online training opportunities. Your provincial coordinator will also guide you through the process of preparing for an audit to get certified.

Once you are trained and are ready to get ready for certification, the next step is contacting VBP+ Delivery Services Inc. (the certification branch of VBP+). Find contact info here.

For an overview of the certification process and five-year audit cycle, click here.

Looking for More Information?

To learn more about the program, click here.

Questions about FCC Sustainability Incentive Program should be directed to:

Jill McAlister, Corporate Communication, Farm Credit Canada

306-540-4840 |