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Explore the brand new Canadian Cattle Learning Centre

Explore the brand new Canadian Cattle Learning Centre

Canadian beef producers are always keen to make their operations the best they can be. However, taking time away from the farm to seek out learning opportunities is rarely easy. Luckily, VBP+ has launched the Canadian Cattle Learning Centre to make it easy for ranchers to improve their operations from the comfort of their own homes.

The Canadian Cattle Learning Centre houses the brand new eleven online training modules for the VBP+ program. Producers can take the training at their own pace as they navigate through content which has been refreshed to be more engaging and relevant to the modern industry. The modules include graphics, animations, links to key resources, and interactive activities to make training more effective and more fun!

One of the key features of the new online training is the self-assessment tool. Throughout each module, trainees are presented with questions to reflect on how their operation is doing in relation to key VBP+ program requirements. While responses are not evaluated by auditors, producers can view and print their results to assess their progress towards meeting all requirements for a successful audit.

As well as the VBP+ training modules, producers can also upload other training that they have completed outside of the VBP+ program. The Canadian Cattle Learning Centre compiles these opportunities into a transcript, allowing producers to demonstrate their commitment to continuous improvement on their operations through education. In the future, VBP+ is looking to create additional content to provide more training opportunities directly through the Canadian Cattle Learning Centre.

How to Sign Up

To register for the Canadian Cattle Learning Centre, click here. Follow the sign-up process below:

  1. Hit Log In at the top right corner, then choose Sign Up at the bottom of the pop up menu.
  2. Enter your personal information and click Sign Up.
  3. Enroll in the course Subscription 2022 and pay the $50 enrolment fee for five years of access.
  4. Enroll in the VBP+ 2.0 course to take the online training.

To take the entire course one module at a time, please select the individual modules/lessons. While completing individual modules provides the complete training and includes self-assessments for each module, there is no self-assessment summary provided at the end of each module.

Need Help?

If you have questions about the Canadian Cattle Learning Centre or the new online training, please reach out to your provincial coordinator. These individuals are there to help guide you through the VBP+ program every step of the way and help you achieve success in training and/or certification.

To find the contact information for your provincial coordinator, click here.